Gmail and Google Calendar on Steroids

17 05 2007

WWD recommends Lifehacker’s tips and tricks to juice up Gmail and Google Calendar.



3 responses

17 05 2007

Do you use Google Calendar? I’ve been using 30 Boxes for a while now and have been happy with it (I never have too much scheduled on a calendar anyway), but I’m thinking of switching.

17 05 2007

Don’t know of 30 Boxes. Mac’s iCal is good and the Google Calendar. However, I’m still used to emailing myself reminders. 🙂 I do use Google Calendars because you can embed the calendar on your blog or website so people can subscribe to it and all. They can also download the calendar on their desktop and share events listed with their friends. So if I have a rock band and have scheduled tour dates with detailed information on Google Calendars, but the integration of Google Maps on the the Calendar makes it more interesting. Have you had a chance to pimp-up Gmail with the Lifehacker download?

18 05 2007

No, haven’t bothered with the Lifehacker Gmail thing. I’m happy with my Gmail the way it is now 🙂

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