This vs That and Remembering Guitar Strings

21 05 2007

Inhaling all the episodes of Grammar Girl podcast. She uses a lot of tricks and devices to remember this vs. that category. So here are some methods I use to remember –

Baby Boomer years – 4664 (1946-1964)

Slander vs Libel: Slander is spoken and Libel is written.

Stationery vs Stationary: There’s an e in the first word. Remember e is in write.

Guitar strings in order starting with the fattest – Eat A Damn Good Breakfast Everyday.

Grammar vs Grammer: Frasier is Grammer, and his first name, Kelsey.

Writer vs Waiter: (scratching head)

Now, some of you fuckers, the correct spelling for this one is:

Responsibility not Responsability: If you spell it with an a, then you’re nothing but an ignorant ass. (I once misspelled ‘Misspell’ as mispell so an ass I made out of myself too…publicly).

That’s all for now. Don’t bitch at me for the writer vs waiter joke. It’s less obnoxious than you spending all evening talking about movie options for your latest novel…you know, the one you haven’t written yet but still feel everyone standing in line at Starbucks should know about.




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21 05 2007

Hee hee hee 🙂

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