Corporations They are a F**king the Elderly

22 05 2007

It’s happening and will most certainly happen to you and me someday.




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22 05 2007

“I loved getting those calls,” Mr. Guthrie said in an interview. “Since my wife passed away, I don’t have many people to talk with. I didn’t even know they were stealing from me until everything was gone.”

These kinds of things really upset me. First of all, it’s horrible that the elderly are preyed upon but the really sad fact is that the reason so many elderly people are easy targets is that they are lonely, and alone. Why is it that so many Americans no longer feel that it is their responsibility to care for their aging relatives? The idea of sending elderly parents to a “home,” just to make life easier on yourself, would be looked at as barbaric in many other countries. And how many grandparents, living alone, only see their children and grandchildren on holidays, if that? Living in Sicily, where taking care of family is always the first priority, has really opened my eyes to the fact that Americans tend to value personal comfort and security over pretty much anything else, including family.

22 05 2007

You know what upsets me even more? That we live here and complain about poverty around the world and this war and that war…but our neighbors go hungry and our grandparents live alone. All we really need to do is take care of people around us and a lot of it is taken care. Hundreds of thousands of kids go to bed hungry every night, right next door to someone whose kids are having food fights.
Ah well, once I get started with this…

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