LOST: Off The Island

23 05 2007

The moment I saw Jack with the beard, I knew something was up. As it turns out, after 3 years, they get off the island (sorry, folks, this is not much of a spoiler) or at least, as we see, Jack and Kate does. Where is the series heading? They better come up with something good for the new season (whenever that is). Who was dead in that fucking casket? Teasing is something, but this is simply fucking with the audience. Two seasons ago I could understand fans going nuts over this ending, but the past two seasons have already turned the series into a giant mess.

Then again, Lindelof and Cuse must have something up their sleeves. I’d like to refuse to believe this is all they’ve got and are now resorting to cheap tactics to keep the series going. What’s with the rumor that LOST is expected to go on till 2010? Come one, guys, cliffhanger is one thing but this ending felt like the guy came before the girl did and she is disappointed because the sex was promised to be brilliant, and it started out that way where he had all the good moves. But he used the best ones at the top of the foreplay and, being nervous, insecure, and out of good moves, he just let it…er be. If the analogy doesn’t makes any sense then…ahh…let’s just have that cigarette and roll over to get some sleep. Got to get to work in the morning and bitch about how ‘they don’t make TV shows like they used to.’

Only this time…right when you’re about to kiss her goodnight she looks you in the eye and freezes. That’s because you are…




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24 05 2007

I soooo agree with you! I think this was a weak season finale and I dont know if you listen to their podcasts but they said they where going to answer many questions (which for me one of them isnt are they getting off the island) we figured it out in the beginning that the Jack flash back was in the present and if i can figure that out its not saying much…. the show will be back Feb 2008 and honestly im not all that anxious to see it…
Rambling Jenn

24 05 2007

February 2008!! Nah, I pass (I don’t want tooo!). They say questions will be answered at the beginning of every season but they seem to answer the wrong ones. The trade papers mentioned a little disagreement between the creators and ABC a few months ago. The creators had said that ideally LOST should be over this year, but ABC came back with something like, “They were thinking out loud and they don’t mean it.” The same network bullshit!
By the way, what was up with Kate’s face in the ‘future’? Looked like she was botoxed out!!

28 05 2007
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