LOST: Questions, Theories, and Education

24 05 2007

This is what I gather after last night’s finale:

I’m not the only one disappointed with the LOST finale.

You have learned a few things.

The show has been paying tribute to the other show.

You liked live-blogging about it.

Fine, I’ve always wondered why there was no back-story on Russo (sic?). Anyway, one of you has a theory of who she is.

Let me add more: We know Penny commissioned some guys to spot the island or whatever (season two finale?) Is she one of the ‘bad guys’ who Ben warned about? Is Sawyer turning into Captain Kurtz of the island? Can Hurley be more annoying? Where the fuck did that Volkswagen come from? Why wasn’t it on the beach before to lug these fuckers around? In one shot Charlie knew which keys to type? Why did he really need to shut the door to save Desmond? Couldn’t he and Desmond just jump in the pool thingy and swim out?

You know what, at this point, the new set of questions have replaced the old ones and I don’t like that. Feb 2008 is almost a year away and I won’t likely care for LOST. Even The Sopranos wasn’t able to quite recover from a year-long hiatus. Never cared for Heroes, never cared for 24, never gave a shit about the other series on TV.




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