LOST Theory: Best One So Far (or I Realize I Am Kinda Not Finished On The Topic)

28 05 2007

The site is filled with theories by readers, but this one is rated the highest. Now if, if, the writers of LOST have really thought all of this through, I salute them. However, it may be getting a little too complicated for an American Idol loving audience. I love the little bit of information the show throws in without ever bothering to point it out to the audience. For example, when Desmond was being fired from the church, guess who was on the framed picture of the head monk’s desk? People have commented that it’s a terrible Photoshop job and such, but the frame was visible for less than a second. Why would the show go through all the trouble of creating a paper clipping (Jack – season finale) that a fan could capture from the screen and identify what’s written on it?

I’d have to admit that the Wynnter post is now going to torture me for the rest of the year up until the new season. It’s a long wait, but, truthfully, I’d wait and see a great show than not wait and see a show that’d make me sell my TV. I made some disparaging remarks after the finale, and I’ve also made it seem as if Lindelof and Cuse are the only minds behind the show.  I’m quite certain they’re not. To put it simply, I guess, (and channeling Shooter from ‘Secret Window’) I disappoint too easy.

Oh yeah…can’t really sell my TV because…no one would buy it.




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