The Sopranos: Bloodbath begins

3 06 2007

[Spoiler alert.] Just finished watching second-to-last episode of The Sopranos. (the words in [ ] and a space before spoiler updated 6.4.07 at 5:48pm).

Silvio and Bobby are dead. Phil is in hiding. Melfi kicks out Tony. All hell has broken lose. Can’t wait to see how this will all end. [How do you think it will end? Read my comment below]




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4 06 2007
2.0 weblogs

The spoiler alert was really, really quick. I saw it so, i’m good, but you might want to put a little space between the spoiler and the plot. Anyway, getting ready for next week, should be good!

4 06 2007

I predicted at the start of this season that Tony will ultimately get whacked and I predict that AJ will take over as the head of what’s left of the Soprano crew.

But wouldn’t it also be a kick if upon Tony’s death maybe Carmela or Meadow took over…Janice perhaps? But I think my money is on AJ. He’s been featured more prominately on the show this season…plus he’s already gotten a taste of the criminal life as we witnessed in earlier episodes.

And he already has the requisite Soprano emotional problems.

Or the enemies could get all McClean Stevenson (MASH) on us and wipe out the entire farmily to ensure no additional episodes or spin-offs.

Whatever happens, should be interesting. We shall see. I’ll be back this time next week to find out how it ends.


4 06 2007

2.0 Weblogs: You’re right…I should’ve put a little more space. Done now. How do you predict the season will end?

Laurie: I don’t know about AJ…he cries a little too much. I personally don’t think Tony is going to get whacked. Remember he’s got an FBI informant who helps him out. Paulie is going to die, I think, to save Tony.

I’ve always believed the clue to the series ending was there in that creepy first episode of the season with its long takes and silences and sounds of boats and water and all. But that could be Chase & Co. giving us mind jobs.

4 06 2007
Robert Leedy

I think one needs to view this as a potential for continuation of the series, despite the calls for this as the last one:

AJ in charge? No way! He’s a spoiled, whiny, crybaby and none of us would tune in on Sunday nights to follow him.

Very few of the characters in the series have the multi-dimensional aspects that make Tony such an interesting guy. My take is that they either end this series in a total bloodbath, creating an end to an outstanding television landmark – OR – Despite a lot of anticipated violence, Tony somehow survives for the possible rebirth – be it a movie or a new season at a later date.

Tony is like the Archie Bunker in All In The Family: Without him, there is no series…

I hated to see Chistopher die. Bobby & Silvio’s deaths were also painful. Yes, I also think Paulie will make a valiant sacrifice for Tony. I think AJ will fall and I hate to predict that something bad will happen to either Carmela or Meadow.

I definitely think there will be a showdown between Tony & Phil. Tony will prevail.

But then again, David Chase could frustrate us all with a totally vague ending. It’s not beyond him!

5 06 2007

Robert: I agree with you on the last bit, David Chase could have a very vague ending. I don’t think they’ll continue this in any other shape or form, though…maybe another video game, who knows. I laughed out lout at Phil’s “Let me tell you a couple of 3 things.” Also throwing AJ into the closet after he starts crying again? Is it me or was there a metaphor there? Who do you think was the rat that informed the FBI about Phil arranging the hit on the family?
You know, I can already see the day after, June 11th, the web abuzz with “what the fuck did we just see last night?” discussions. I’ll steal my own series ending moment comment I’d left on The Plugg that the weirdest ending of all would be:

Tony goes to pick up the paper one morning. A car stops. A fat dude with a briefcase gets out and walks over to Tony. It’s salesman Tony (Tony 2), from the coma episode of last season.

Tony 1: Who da fuck are you?
Tony 2: No, who da fuck are youuu?

Fade out.

5 06 2007
Robert Leedy

Yes, that well could be a possible ending.

In fact, it got me thinking about whether or not the series ends with a whacked Tony or not. A definite end or a hanging finale…

It doesn’t matter. David Chase can resurrect them all with a series based entirely on dream sequences. Big Pussy, Adriana, Ralphie…even Tony…they’re all back.

The bottom line is: anything can and will happen.


10 06 2007
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15 08 2007
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