Recently Consumed: Seth Godin’s ‘All Marketers Are Liars’

4 06 2007

godin.jpgSeth Godin’s book is a must-read for marketers as well as consumers. He’s not simply pointing out the fact that marketers are liars, which they are. He’s also explaining how I, the consumer, get lied to, expect to be lied to, and make the lie a part of my life so I become part of a story of the product. Lies aren’t effective without good storytelling, but believability of those lies needs to be based on some truth. Remember that line from ‘Three Kings’…the necessity line George Clooney gave to his comrades? We all have necessities. Marketers know that. Marketers also know that they can’t convince people to need something, but they sure can invade our wants. All they have to do is find out how we like being lied to and hone in on that. Millions say, each day, “I need food…I want McDonalds.” Good marketers will do their best to be the name at the end of the latter part of the sentence. Bad ones will try to put their brand(s) in the first part. We believe in lies up to a certain point, us humans. But once we do, it’s hard to change our opinions.

Are you sure ‘Extra Strength’ printed on a Tylenol box makes the pills more powerful than a regular Tylenol line? And you are absolutely positive that Tylenol is the answer to your headaches? Haven’t you fooled yourself into buying a pack of chips because it promised 33% more chips? Therefore, are marketers cheating us into believing something we shouldn’t as intelligent beings? It’s not so simple, but they surely try and succeed in a lot of cases. But guess what, we consumers help create those success stories. “Like my ring? It’s Grandma!” (tip:watch the video).

Godin’s books (Purple Cow, The Big Moo, etc) never try to be clever; he is an excellent teacher (he’d say very good is bad) and a keen observer. It’s his being able to connect the dots as a marketer as well as a consumer that gives him such clarity. Clarity is lacking in the confused marketing world. Someone’s gotta put some things in perspective. And therefore, I’d vote for….





3 responses

4 06 2007

Great video! Usually those things won’t hold my attention for long, but I watched the entire thing πŸ™‚ Off to create my purple cow now…

4 06 2007

What did you think of “Like my ring? It’s Grandma!”

4 06 2007


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