Google Audio Ads: Optimizing the Howard Stern Show.

5 06 2007

Googlified posted about Google’s audio ads being rolled out within a month.

So, how soon before Google Ads take over radio and how will this materialize? Imagine the Howard Stern show optimized with Google Audio Ads and voice activated keywords are bought by companies. As soon as certain words match, an ad could be placed during commercial or a banner ad at the website. So, I thought of taking a short clip of an imaginary episode and optimize it – Google style.

Howard Stern brings in a hot guest who he says “has the nicest rack witnessed by mankind” and “wouldn’t it be great if she could open a bottle of beer with her cleavage?”

The girl says, “Oh, Howard, you’re baaad!”

Howard: And you’re so freakin’ hot!

Woman: Thank youuuuuu!

Howard: What do you think, Robin, she can do it?

Robin: Hah ha ha ha..ha ha… it would be fun to watch at least!

Howard: You know what I’d really like to see you do?

Woman: I don’t know…what?

Howard: And I haven’t had anyone do this in a long, long time now. I want you to take your top

…You get the picture. Google Audio Ad is bound to…er…rock?




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