Sopranos Finale: Ummm…

10 06 2007

…what the fuck was that? I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere. I felt the same weird feeling as I did the first episode of this season. In that case, I guess, this ending is exactly what I hoped for.

Then again, the show ended 10 minutes ago. Maybe I really don’t know how to react to it. I’m glad for one thing, though, it was a slap on everyone’s face who thought (s)he knew (including me) where the ending was headed. Not to mention I thought Silvio was dead.

What did you think?

11:04 pm – I’ve got to add a couple of things. What was that whole shit with the cat? Again – I can’t get it out of my head all the little things in there that makes me wonder what they meant – Meadow having problem parking, AJ’s car burning up, Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ used to the end the series, the bell – which is the last sound we hear, the guy at the counter, the couple laughing it up. Maybe they mean nothing. Nah, it can’t be that. They must mean some shit. Fuck this, I’ll mull over this – like Paulie.

6.11.07 (11:16 am).  Sopranos Finale: Unsatisfactory? I Don’t Think So. 



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10 06 2007

I have never been more disappointed, yet somehow it was fitting. I really thought Tony was gonna buy it–even up until Meadow came bopping through the front door of the hamburger joint. The show was chocked full of metaphor that were over my head. Not sure what any of it meant but I do think that I;ve finally figured out why they call Paulie..Paulie Walnuts.

‘Cause after all of the kvetching he was doing about his age and what not Sunday night, he must have a prostate the size of one.


11 06 2007

What’s also funny about Paulie is the fact that he finally gets to run something worthwhile and he wants to ‘mull over it’ The part with the cat coming near him at the end when he’s sunbathing and sitting is a bit creepy.

Looking around other posts and reviews, it seems to me almost everyone was expecting Tony to die. But if you remember from the finale, the testimony against him – what his lawyer kept saying while he couldn’t get the damn ketchup out (another metaphor! – it’s crazy) – being planned may be what does him in eventually.

You know what I think? Those insert shots and those little weird moments were all deliberate and the answer to everyone’s fate lies in those tiny inserts. Unless these were thrown in randomly by Chase to fuck with our heads. As you can see, it has been with mine.

11 06 2007

Well I must say it was bad and I honestly dont think there was any meaning behind any of this besides David Chase tell us to “F” off… this is not brilliant and honestly the blank screen supposively leaving it up to our own thoughts to figure what could have happened was shit… A series ending means you close all doors, and honestly they could have killed Phil better than that… if you want to see a good series watch Six Feet Under they told there story and ended it with complete closure.. i left that show feeling totally satisfied… Leaving the Sorpranos I feel totally disappointed and feel like I have wasted my time watching it…
Rambling Jenn

11 06 2007
The 2 Witches

I found the ending entirely unsatisfying!! Especially the intense buildup of the last few moments expecting anything from a hail of gunfire to the rush of an explosion. Instead we got a blank screen which made us, and probably most of america, think our cable had gone out.

Mama Kelly

11 06 2007

I have to agree. The finale definitely left me asking what was the big deal. I kind of understood what was going on with the cat, but got lost when it was bothering Paulie, not Tony. After Tony’s reaction to the singing fish after Puss’ death, I thought he would exhibit some guilt over Christopher’s death – but instead it was Paulie who was all freaked out. Maybe the cat was suppposed to be a reincarnated version of Christopher who just really wanted to make Paulie’s life a living hell.

I could see some logic in the storylines with the kids. Meadow and AJ both want to make a better life for themselves outside of the “family.” Meadow becoming a lawyer could be a blessing since she could then help the family when legal problems arise. AJ wanting to join the Army showed him trying to escape the “family” but Tony and Carmela put an end to that and got him a job that more firmly places him in the control of the “family.”

The ending didn’t resolve anything. I guess it was trying to say that if the family sticks together, they can overcome anything, but figuring that out is stretching it pretty far.

As far as the ending, it didn’t resolve anything at all. Yes, Meadow’s life is all peaches and cream now that she is engaged and going to law school. AJ finally seems to be snapping out of his depression after the cleansing experience of watching his car burn up.

11 06 2007
Winslie Gomez


Some obviously didn’t like it as much.
We won’t get it here (UK) till much later of course.

11 06 2007
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15 04 2008
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