Knee-Slapper: Paris Hilton Finds God

11 06 2007

I used to act dumb. The act is no longer cute.” This is her talking to the old bag, Barbara Walters, who should be made Uncle Junior’s playmate. I’m sure it will make a great episode of ‘thwenthy-thwenthy.’ The blonde dumbshell goes on to add, “Now, I would like to make a difference. God has given me this new chance.” My knees are sore from slapping and eyes teary from laughter. What an awesome workout.



4 responses

11 06 2007

She must have lost him then, because I specifically remember hearing her say “Oh God! Oh God!” in a video clip I saw… 😈

11 06 2007

On top of that, she just realized there’s a war going on.

12 06 2007
Winslie Gomez

God lives there! just about everyone, OK a lot of inmates, find God while banged up.

Don’t find God in the library or at a bus stop do you?

So he/she must live there, I mean jail.

12 06 2007

No problem in finding God in prison. Just that, usually, people don’t find Him within two hours of going to prison. That must’ve be some prayer.

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