Art of French Kissing

16 06 2007

This is too fucking funny to keep to myself. Someone please tell me this is a spoof and not a real how-to video. The 3 step process to teach a girl to french kiss is especially hilarious.

Step #1 – Tell her to make a mouth with her hand.

Step #…nah, I’ll let you watch it to find out.

But wait…there’s more… a huge description on YouTube that lists several categories the full-length video covers. Some classics are:

2. What can go wrong during a french kiss.

4. Why does a french kiss feel good.

5. How do I get boys to french kiss me.

6. How do I get boys to stop french kissing me.

In case you’re wondering whether you should be watching the video when no one else is watching you, fear not. The page has a disclaimer in bold that states:


Thanks, TotalVidInc. You complete me.




3 responses

16 06 2007

I’m inspired. I’m gonna shoot a clip entitled “How To Make Your 80’s Geek Into A Superfreak”. It’ll be a consolidation of all the things I ever learned from 80’s movies about going from zero to hero.

1.) Take the glasses off.
2.) Remove the pocket protector.
3.) Take you hair out of pig tails (for girls).
4.) Get those braces off.
5.) Roll that collar up.
6.) Screw.

16 06 2007

I’d put ‘screw’ at 7. Number 6 has to be: (for boys) Tell her to make vagina with her hand. (for girls) Don’t wait for him to ask, just make the vagina with your hand.

18 06 2007

LOL! How could I forget essential #6? 🙂

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