Pigs With Cellphones: The Condom Ad or the CBS and FOX People Who Rejected It?

18 06 2007

NY Times article on how a condom commercial was banned from appearing on FOX and CBS. Their explanation is in English but to me sounds like a lot of ‘grunt grunt…oink oink.’ Cialis pimp CBS talks about being appropriate! Just found my knee-slapper.




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19 06 2007

I just went over and read the article and the whole thing just blows my mind. This is 2007, right? As was pointed out at the end of the article, advertisers use sex to sell just about everything…but you can’t use sex to sell condoms? These people are insane. Fox says, “Contraceptive advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy.” How is prevention of pregnancy not a health-related issue? I know, I know, God doesn’t want us to have sex except for the purpose of procreation. Whatever. I’m living in Italy, a Catholic country. Guess what? There are condom machines on every fucking street corner. In Italy. Remember, the Pope lives here. But in the United States, we have television networks that won’t even show a condom commercial if it implies that the condom would be used for its intended purpose.

So, I just went over to Fox.com to see what their programming is like (I don’t know what’s on TV in the states right now) and guess what they’re advertising on the Web site. ‘Nair Pretty’ — a new hair removal product being marketed to young girls.

This is from the advertisement:

“Feel Pretty every day!
It’s not that you’re obsessed or anything, but maybe you’ve noticed that the hair on your legs (and other parts of your body) is just a little bit thicker and darker than before. Chill. You’re growing up…it’s all good.
Nair has a line of hair removal products just for teens that remove unwanted hair just below the skin’s surface. You stay smoother longer compared to shaving without ugly razor bumps or cuts. And that means your skin is just what it should be…Pretty.”

Whether explicit or not, that advertisement is about sex. All advertisements are about sex. I like the cute use of parentheses for “other parts of your body.” Wink wink. So apparently Fox thinks it’s ok for teen girls to know how to be ‘properly groomed’ for sex as long as they don’t know how to be properly protected against pregnancy.

These people are insane. Fifteen years ago, I graduated from a high school that had a full-service child care center. Yes, we had that many teen pregnancies in our town. The running joke was that it was something in the water. Although it has been dropping since the 90’s, the United States still has a much higher rate of teen pregnancy than other developed countries. And I’m pretty sure that with a million teen pregnancies each year, the need for high-school based child care centers like the one we had at our school hasn’t diminished too much.

Sorry for writing so much 🙂

19 06 2007

Thank you, Nicole! You’ve expressed it a lot better than I would have. The Nair Pretty thing is still subtle, but the CBS (the Cialis pimp) doesn’t even hide the fact that they’re selling sex. ‘Get it on with Cialis, you ED bastards! Live a little.’ By the way, did you know all the little terms such as ED, LD ID, and whatever disorder there is out there, are created by PR firms. They gather around a table and brainstorm terms like LFSD – left foot sleeping disorder – or ITBSCSD – I tried but still can’t sleep disorder. It’s nuts!

Agh…hate this shit. It all boils down to how this culture does the ‘talk’ – the ‘Birds and the bees’ talk. Parent knows the ‘talk’ will be about fuckin’…the kid knows it’ll be about ‘fuckin” They both are probably fuckin. (maybe the kid more than the parent) Both have stuff stashed in their rooms. But saying the word ‘fuck’ is so wrong. Simply saying ‘If you’re gonna have sex, son – you’re da man now dawg – wear a schlong cap’ Or if you’re the dad and it’s your daughter, you say, ‘If you’re gonna have sex, I’ll kill you!’ I think Dads get the last one. 🙂

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