5 Ways To Say F**ck

22 06 2007

Courtesy of Google Translate’s new Dictionary Tab:

Korean: 와 / 과 성교하다

Spanish: ¡joder!

French: baiser

German (three ways, huh): 1. ‚ficken‘, ‚vögeln‘   2. ‚Fick‘ m   3. ficken

Italian:  scopare

But, it doesn’t end there. The gem is in the ‘related phrases’ section below:

Italian: Fuck off! – vaffanculo!

French: fuck that! – j’en ai rien à foutre!

German (looking forward to it): fuck you! a) du Scheißkerl!,  get fucked! –  b) leck mich am Arsch!

Korean: fuck him –  씨발 놈  fuck that! – 놈의 것!

Spanish: fuck him! – ¡que se joda!




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