Opening Links To New Windows: Annoying or A-OK?

26 06 2007

I found the comments on ProBlogger – whether to have links on your post open to a new window or not – surprising. I have all of my links open to a new window since Firefox opens them on a new tab – I’ve set up the preferences on Firefox that way. Besides, when I browse I don’t like opening links to the same window as it doesn’t let me go back and forth, especially when I’ writing about, I don’t know, something just like this post.

Some of the comments mentioned middle-clicking. What the hell is that?

What’s your take on this? What do you like opening links to:

A. Same window?

B. New Window?

C. New Tab?

While I’m at it, your preferred browser is:

1: Internet Explorer

2. Firefox

3. Safari

4. Opera

5. Another

You can leave your comment with just the letters and numbers. For me, it’s C2. Of course, it’s totally up to you if you wish to talk about why or why don’t you prefer a certain answer above.




4 responses

27 06 2007

I always wondered if I should have my links open to a new window or not at my blog. Right now I’m only assuming that everyone does what I do which is using tabs. I use Opera and it works like firefox. If my readers click and go directly to the other sites I like to then I’m screwed lol
I have no idea what middle clicking is? maybe the snap view thingy?

27 06 2007

Mozillazine says middle clicking is ‘control+click.’ I’d used Opera for a while but came back to Firefox for its simplicity of use. Besides tabbed browsing changed everything. I hear the new version of Opera is supposed to be awesome. I had a ‘widgetize this blog’ button for Opera users for a while.

28 06 2007

Personally, I open just about every link in a new tab, just so I can toggle back and forth from where I was, or if the new site sucks I can exit and continue from where I was without using the back button. On my own blog I set the external links to open in new windows, too. The fact that Firefox does it for me automatically is great, but my primary browser is Safari.

So I guess C3.

28 06 2007

Thanks, Drinker. Is there a particular reason you like Safari? Do you use it to read feeds as well?

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