Cartoon Effect with Final Cut Pro

2 07 2007

via Ken Stone.


David Pogue’s iPhone Mini-Movie/Review

27 06 2007

Found this via Mark H of Vod:Pod.

Traveler’s Footprint: Or Why Can’t Amazing Race Do It?

25 06 2007

Perhaps travel bloggers are already doing this? I thought this is a great way to leave your digital ‘footprint’ on the map.

So, I’m thinking, why doesn’t Amazing Race do a special series where participants do a real-time race all over the globe? Guess what, it’d be a great way to place the iPhone in their hands. I know having a phone makes things easier but the rules could be more strict. What a better way to promote Google and Apple together – in case this rumor comes true.

iPhone: One-Person Film/News Crew?

18 06 2007

How long before your iPhone becomes your one-person crew now that beta version of YouTube Remixer is available to edit videos on the fly and post? I’m surprised a new version of iLife didn’t take the advantage of Apple’s being ‘friends’ with Google. Looks like Adobe will kick ass in the online video and audio editing department (YouTube Remixer is powered by Adobe).

Imagine this: You’re minding other people’s business when a text comes in. Some shit happened on Lincoln Blvd. by Hampton Diner – whaat? Look up Google Maps…jet over there, capture video with iPhone camera, edit it on the fly, caption it, preview and publish it on your YouTube Director account…right about when the local CBS truck is unloading their camera. On top of that, they’ve to wait till the Cialis commercial ends to start breaking the news.

Now that’s citizen journalism…or if you look at the worst of it…citizen stalkarazzi.

Extreme Mac-Over Contest

11 06 2007

You’re a Mac-based facility struggling with storage and networking issues? Then enter Post Magazine’s Extreme Mac-Over contest.

MPEG2 with Apple’s Compressor

11 06 2007

Event DV tutorial on how to get the most out of Apple’s Compressor.

Apple To Launch Online Video Rental Service?

11 06 2007

According to Financial Times, the company is in advance talks with major Hollywood studios.