Over 70 Podcasting Tools…

4 07 2007

…and resources listed on Mashable.

If you’re new to Podcasting and need a reference book, the best one I’ve found is Mitch Ratcliffe and Steve Mack’s Podcasting Bible.


The Two Sides of Sgt. Pepper

2 07 2007

Paul Ingles doesn’t do documentaries. He takes you on a journey. He’s produced some of the best music documentaries I’ve ever listened to. And yes, they easily beat the shit out of television and movie docs because the aural journey is best taken with your ears.

How about you re-visit the album.

Happy Father’s Day

17 06 2007

I’d heard this song at least a few hundred times but never paid attention to the lyrics; I didn’t need words to tell me how beautiful a song is.

Then someone asked, “What did you buy your dad for Father’s Day?” I told her. She felt sorry. ‘Sorry’ gets heavier and heavier with time. I did carry her question with me until…

…an hour later it met, along with my rehearsed answer, this song. How could I have missed it all this time? How can an apparently simple, sweet song turn around one day and hit you that hard. Makes it so hard to fight back tears. People on the street noticed, I think. Too bad.

When you press play, please ignore the picture and just listen. I once mentioned somewhere that I must be mourning my dad’s death in increments. That was him back in 89, whose heart ran out of summers. I wasn’t old enough to ask him “wait, what’s the sense in life.” What would he have replied?

It’s the second verse that completed the devastation – the tears had won the fight. No you can’t live in a castle far away. You have to deal with the world…today.

You’re next to a phone, aren’t you? Happy Father’s Day.


15 06 2007

That’s one of the things Grammar Girl is talking about in this episode.

Everything Has Changed

9 06 2007

Head over to The Plugg and give this Song of the Week a listen. My favorite this week is Lucinda Williams’ ‘Everything Has Changed.’

YouLicense.com – Connecting Musicians and Companies

5 06 2007

A blogger friend from The Plugg , known to us as Charbarred, has developed, along with his brother, YouLicense.

“YouLicense is a trade platform for marketing intellectual property, specifically the licensing rights to music,” Ezer says. “The idea is to enable artists who have not yet signed with record companies to upload their music to a Web site and offer it for sale to commercial bodies. We want to be the eBay of intellectual property.” (Australian PC World)

Read rest of the article here.

Lala.com – Music Storage and Streaming Service

5 06 2007

They started out as a CD-swapping service, but now Lala.com is “offering to let users upload their entire music libraries to Lala, then stream those songs anywhere once a user logs into their Lala account—and users can even fill up their iPods directly from the site without having their iTunes library on hand. The service is available now in beta form.”