Copyright 2.0

6 07 2007

Smashing Magazine did a great post explaining copyright issues.


Happy 50th!

6 07 2007

Being a geek here. This day happens to be the 50th anniversary of when Paul met John.

Over 70 Podcasting Tools…

4 07 2007

…and resources listed on Mashable.

If you’re new to Podcasting and need a reference book, the best one I’ve found is Mitch Ratcliffe and Steve Mack’s Podcasting Bible.

The Bottled Water Scam

3 07 2007

Anil Dash has been writing about the bottled water scam for years. Now others have joined him.

Cartoon Effect with Final Cut Pro

2 07 2007

via Ken Stone.

David Pogue’s iPhone Mini-Movie/Review

27 06 2007

Found this via Mark H of Vod:Pod.

Woody Allen Does Puccini

23 06 2007

Actually, he hasn’t  ‘done’ Puccini yet, but has agreed to doing him in 2008.  By the way, have you read his latest books, Mere Anarchy and The Insanity Defense?