Have You Told Brian Where To Go Yet?

6 07 2007

The Cigar Maestro will be traveling cross-country and is open to suggestions about places to visit.


MyBlogLog and Feed Snap

5 07 2007

You’ll notice two new additions on my sidebar. MyBlogLog tells me who has been visiting me so I can go pay you a visit. You can join my community or add me as contact.

I’d started a regular post called Feed Snap, the idea of which was to share feeds from my Google Reader. Perhaps Google recognizes lazy ones like me and created a Shared that is easily accessible and would have its own feed. Kinda cool. If you’d like to subscribe to that feed, you are most welcome. Otherwise, clicking on the Feed Snap sidebar will take you to all the feeds I’m regularly sharing.

Let’s Talk About Rosemary, Baby!

1 07 2007

How does Whole Wheat Rosemary Pizza sound to you? Better than ‘Yummm in C minor’? C is for cheeeeeeese!

“Out of All The Pipe-Smoker’s Herf…

28 06 2007

in the world, he had to step into mine” said The Churchill Arms. The Cigar Maestro is in da house!

Vote For A Recipe To Be Written

27 06 2007

by none other than Nicole at Pinch My Salt.

Behind the Viral Videos

15 06 2007

We watch them everyday, email them to friends and – so we don’t die a miserable death- to 20 strangers, and embed it on our sites. According to The Plugg, these viral videos have more to them than meets the YouTube.

Everything Has Changed

9 06 2007

Head over to The Plugg and give this Song of the Week a listen. My favorite this week is Lucinda Williams’ ‘Everything Has Changed.’