Harry Potter’s Fate

28 06 2007

Rest easy, this is just The Onion, and the video is rated R. I don’t usually put disclaimers but kids might surf their way in here. You finish your homework, kid? No? Hi five!


Vote For A Recipe To Be Written

27 06 2007

by none other than Nicole at Pinch My Salt.

Opening Links To New Windows: Annoying or A-OK?

26 06 2007

I found the comments on ProBlogger – whether to have links on your post open to a new window or not – surprising. I have all of my links open to a new window since Firefox opens them on a new tab – I’ve set up the preferences on Firefox that way. Besides, when I browse I don’t like opening links to the same window as it doesn’t let me go back and forth, especially when I’ writing about, I don’t know, something just like this post.

Some of the comments mentioned middle-clicking. What the hell is that?

What’s your take on this? What do you like opening links to:

A. Same window?

B. New Window?

C. New Tab?

While I’m at it, your preferred browser is:

1: Internet Explorer

2. Firefox

3. Safari

4. Opera

5. Another

You can leave your comment with just the letters and numbers. For me, it’s C2. Of course, it’s totally up to you if you wish to talk about why or why don’t you prefer a certain answer above.

Career Leaping With Blogs

25 06 2007

A good post from Brazen Careerist on why blogging is a great networking tool.

Always With Me, Always With You

23 06 2007

This is how I’m feelin…right now. 🙂

I Should Be Ashamed of Myself

23 06 2007

My blog isn’t a big deal…yet. I’m still building up. So what in the world possessed me to make people register before they leave a comment. How big of a dumbass does one have to be to not have noticed that all this time? Apparently, big enough to be me.

Some of you have been kind enough to point out the error of my ways and asked me to allow comments from people who don’t feel like registering. Thank you for pointing it out; I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Oh so stupid one (I) can be. I’m sure a lot of you thought of me as a condescending prick, which I am somewhat. Want to know what’s even funnier (in a sad sort of way)? I couldn’t find out where to turn off the option on the blog. Ay ay.

Sorry, folks, I didn’t know. Apologize. Here I was worried why people won’t leave a comment while I was the one fucking up.

Please, please come back and tell me how I should be ashamed of myself. It will make me feel better.

Microsoft Apps, Kill! Kill! Kill!

22 06 2007

Not that the above statement means anything. This Mashable post lists 30+ applications that are ‘killing’ Microsoft, and they don’t even require you to download. Reminds me of the Guy Kawasaki presentation where he talks about people with Y chromosome prone to using the word ‘kill’ in most of their agendas. Y is that such a bad thing? 🙂