The Bottled Water Scam

3 07 2007

Anil Dash has been writing about the bottled water scam for years. Now others have joined him.


Why FourBux Hates eBay

28 06 2007

Joe Drinker of FourBux is no stranger to eBay. He has a 100% feedback rating and has been a longtime user. So why does he hate the ‘Bay?

I Love the Idea of…

25 06 2007

musicians taking control of their merchandising as well. Why isn’t there a site like Nimbit for filmmakers? Maybe there is one I don’t know of?

Traveler’s Footprint: Or Why Can’t Amazing Race Do It?

25 06 2007

Perhaps travel bloggers are already doing this? I thought this is a great way to leave your digital ‘footprint’ on the map.

So, I’m thinking, why doesn’t Amazing Race do a special series where participants do a real-time race all over the globe? Guess what, it’d be a great way to place the iPhone in their hands. I know having a phone makes things easier but the rules could be more strict. What a better way to promote Google and Apple together – in case this rumor comes true.

A Look Into Search Engine Marketing

20 06 2007

from Scoble Show

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Educating Her Dad, Over Time

17 06 2007

Kathleen Murphy on the Power of Teaching and how it has changed lives, including her own.

Hope you make it to Bangladesh.

Marketing Bloggers

15 06 2007

Diva Marketing (Blog) recommends these Marketing bloggers as well as some resources and tips on Marketing.