Facebook Now Zoho-fied

3 07 2007

The office suite app makes a lot of sense to be on Facebook. via Compiler.


Cartoon Effect with Final Cut Pro

2 07 2007

via Ken Stone.

Traveler’s Footprint: Or Why Can’t Amazing Race Do It?

25 06 2007

Perhaps travel bloggers are already doing this? I thought this is a great way to leave your digital ‘footprint’ on the map.

So, I’m thinking, why doesn’t Amazing Race do a special series where participants do a real-time race all over the globe? Guess what, it’d be a great way to place the iPhone in their hands. I know having a phone makes things easier but the rules could be more strict. What a better way to promote Google and Apple together – in case this rumor comes true.

23 Million Viewers Being Left Out

20 06 2007

That’s how many Americans are deaf or hard of hearing but won’t be offered closed captioning.

If There Aren’t Enough Things To Watch Online…

20 06 2007

check out these sites as compiled by Mashable.

Free Online Video Converter

19 06 2007

While we’re on the topic of video editing software, check out MOVAVI’s free video file converter online. Idea is simple – you upload your video file(s) of up to 10 mins (100 MB), include your email and click convert and Movavi converts it and emails you. That’s it. Input and output files supported are:

“Input Formats: AVI (DivX, XVid), MPEG (1, 2, 4), MP4, 3gp, 3gp2, WMV, MOV (QT).
Output Formats: AVI ( XVid), MPEG-4 , MPEG-2 (DVD Quality, PAL), MPEG-2 (DVD Quality, NTSC), iPod video, iPod 5G video, PSP video, 3gp, 3gp2, MPEG-4 (.mov), Flash (.flv)”

Even better, you can embed a converter box on your website or so the upload and conversion can be done right there. Sweet, isn’t it?

Video Editing Online Two point Oh, Nice!

19 06 2007

I know nothing. I was joyous over YouTube’s remixer, but Read/Write Web slaps me with loads of other options.