My Simpsons Avatar

3 07 2007

Dee posted about the Simpsons avatar thingy on the movie’s website. I couldn’t resist creating my own. 🙂



Someone Uploaded SICKO…

29 06 2007

on Google Video. Who knows how long that will be up there. That’s some balls on that uploader. I see the running time and it doesn’t look like the whole movie is up. Anyway, enjoy it while you can.

The 2001 Space Odyssey Explained…

28 06 2007

…at Kubrick2001.

DeNiro, Pacino and…50 Cents

26 06 2007

Righteous Kill will have both legends on-screen for almost the whole film. Add 50 Cents, and watch the film’s budget balloon. Here’s my question: Who wasn’t available to play with DeNiro and Pacino that they had to resort to Fiddy?

Sean Connery: Screenwriter?

25 06 2007

Apparently he didn’t stop at just playing Bond.

Alive in Joburg

23 06 2007

Back in March I’d found and added the short Alive in Joburg on my Emonome Pod. I just thought it was very well done and thought nothing else of it. I had no idea the director Neill Blomkamp is directing the upcoming feature, HALO.

Here’s the short again.

7:35 In The Morning

22 06 2007

Oscar-nominated short (2005)