Long Takes In Films w/ YouTube Clips

17 05 2007

Another one via Kottke.org and thank God I subscribed to his feed! As a film buff, I absolutely love this post! Alan Bacchus has not only listed and described the long shots, he has embedded video clips of all the shots (except for Russian Ark where it’s just 10 minutes – if you’ve seen it, you know why it’s only 10 – and none from DePalma 🙂 ).

If you’re a film student or filmmaker, you simply can’t miss it.


Video: Office Mates Explore Sensitive Tissues

14 05 2007

Video by Keilly & Roeters

What Am I To You? and Let’s Stay Together

8 05 2007

Norah Jones’s What Am I To You?

For some reason I completely missed this song from her Feels Like Home album. And it’s on my fucking iPod! Found this version and I like it better than the other funky video thingy.

Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together

Everywhere I went since this past Saturday this song was playing somewhere, or by someone. The most recent was the dude in the subway on 42nd street at the tail-end of the A train platform (going uptown), armed with just an acoustic guitar. Some years ago, after a singer on the Apollo show rocked the place with his own rendition it made me mad not to have access to the song right away. Fucking hate it when that happens…err…used to happen.

So, I thought it would be cool to find and post another rendition of this song on YouTube that is actually done well. Lo and behold…Ms. Sherika Sherard who’s only 15 or 16. I love this version and I don’t know why! I don’t have to know…I just fucking do.

Watch: Oscar 2007 winning short ‘The Danish Poet’ and the Nominated ‘Maestro’

2 04 2007

Nice! YouTube’d again. I went to the screening of the live action and animated shorts back in February. THE DANISH POET was clearly everyone’s favorite with it being cute and all. I knew it would win the Oscars (as I’d predicted). My favorite is, however, MAESTRO and I think it’s the perfect short. I’ve linked to the videos on the my Vod:Pod. If you don’t see them on the white strip at the sidebar, watch them by clicking on the links below.



How To Encode Video for YouTube with Apple’s Compressor…

12 03 2007

…and Brian Gary wrote about it on Ken Stone’s brilliant Final Cut Pro website. According to Gary, tweaking encoder settings on Compressor will prepare your videos for a better Flash conversion for YouTube. His own videos didn’t quite have the smooth quality to them, but there’s a better example of how having appropriate compression settings, before your file is ready for Yoogle uploads, can ultimately make for smooth streaming.

For example, watch this Charlie Rose episode below (w/ Robert DeNiro, Matt Damon, and, yum, Angelina Jolie). According to the program’s main page on Google, this is a low quality video and viewers can download a high quality version of this for 99 cents. Low quality! Doesn’t this ‘low’ quality look a lot better than most on Google and YouTube? Sound is a lot better too.

I looked up a clip from the same program on YouTube, and the video and sound quality are still great – to me it seems a little better than Google’s. So, to prove Gary’s point, the Charlie Rose folks are doing something right with their encoder settings before they upload them on GooTube. Hmmm…which sounds better, GooTube…or Yoogle?


11 03 2007

Thought this NY Times article, The Brain on the Stand could go nicely with my recent video posts on brains and memories (see sidebar).

I’d posted a slew of audio programs on memory from BBC, PRX and others on my Sound Palette blog. Just click here and type in ‘memory’ on the search box.

Now if none of the above is your cupa joe, then go over here and watch the Monty Python sketch, My Brain Hurts.

VodPodding Nome #3

2 03 2007

New Videos on my Emonome VodPod (white strip on sidebar): Animator vs Animation II, Awesome Paper Fight, Unnecessary Censhorship (Jimmy Kimmel show), Bush is Drinking Again (Craig Ferguson show), and Rumsfeld Remembrance (Craig Ferguson show). Just click on any thumbnail and you can watch the videos right here without leaving blog.

Three other VodPods not on the sidebar is Beatles & Beyond Pod. It’s meant to have every possible clip available of the Beatles, John, Paul, Ringo, and George – George Martin too. As well as interpretations of Beatles songs, butchering of Beatles songs, the bands appearance on various talk shows, interviews etc.

Musiconome is my all-music Pod.

Animated Pod is a collection of clips from my favorite shows, Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park, and Tom and Jerry. I do have other shows, but thought of starting one with these.

You are most welcome to come aboard my Beatles & Beyond and Animated Pods as a contributor.