I Heart [Fat-Free] NY

1 07 2007

Yellow cabs are turning green by 2012. Now the city’s restaurants are dropping trans fat.

In other news, the city’s noise code also goes into effect today. Whether we realize it or not, all of us in NYC are a little bit deaf. I understand it will make me ignore racist remarks a little better but not by screwing up my co-ordination.

Living in Washington Heights, I see hundreds of bikers on weekends right on Fort Washington Ave. Just recently, when I took a long and winding walk to locate the tennis courts by the river, I found a few bikers were lost and asking around for directions. In case you were wondering, a biker’s map is available online. The Google Earth map is pretty cool as well.

* Suggestion – If you’re a biker, travel around often, and love Google Maps, why haven’t you created your own My Maps on Google? Did you know you can drag and create your own paths on maps, post little markers with pics, and publish the map for all fellow bikers? Mm mm…think about it.


Since I’m feeling generous today, due to the nice weather, I’ll share some interesting things NYC has to offer that you might like. Whatever you’ve heard about New York being whatever, it’s all bullshit. We’re very nice people. Unless you piss us off at the wrong time of the day. If you give us attitude because you have a pre-conceived idea about New Yorkers, we’ll super-size it for you and shove it down your throat.

YOU: How do you get to Carnegie Hall, you New York piece of shit? (the part after the comma is always expressed by your faces, not words)

US: Google it, you ____________ motherfucker!

Therefore, don’t be a prick. Smile, at least, and ask:

YOU: Excuse me, how do you get to Carnegie Hall, please?

US: I hear it’s practice, but taking any of the blue, orange, and yellow lines to 57th Street should be a short walk away from the legendary hall built in 1890 by Mr. Andrew Carnegie.” Unless, of course, you are a bus person.

YOU: Oh, how nice! Thank you!

US: You’re welcome! Where are you coming from?

YOU: Scotland, actually.

US: Ah, did you know there’s a Carnegie Hall in your country as well, also financed by Mr. Carnegie?

YOU: No, I didn’t know that! You’re a wealth of knowledge aren’t you?

US: Nah, I’m just a little hot dog salesman with a PhD in Linguistics.

YOU: Um, well…thank you for your help! See you!

US: Hey!

YOU: Yes?

US: How about you buy a fucking hot dog? I’m running a business here.

In short, folks, be nice to New Yorkers. 🙂

Okay, so here we go:


Someone Uploaded SICKO…

29 06 2007

on Google Video. Who knows how long that will be up there. That’s some balls on that uploader. I see the running time and it doesn’t look like the whole movie is up. Anyway, enjoy it while you can.

Factor X Raton Does Elvis

26 06 2007

Cute. I can’t believe I think it’s fucking cute.

How about a Reggaeton-ed out turtle?

Traveler’s Footprint: Or Why Can’t Amazing Race Do It?

25 06 2007

Perhaps travel bloggers are already doing this? I thought this is a great way to leave your digital ‘footprint’ on the map.

So, I’m thinking, why doesn’t Amazing Race do a special series where participants do a real-time race all over the globe? Guess what, it’d be a great way to place the iPhone in their hands. I know having a phone makes things easier but the rules could be more strict. What a better way to promote Google and Apple together – in case this rumor comes true.

5 Ways To Say F**ck

22 06 2007

Courtesy of Google Translate’s new Dictionary Tab:

Korean: 와 / 과 성교하다

Spanish: ¡joder!

French: baiser

German (three ways, huh): 1. ‚ficken‘, ‚vögeln‘   2. ‚Fick‘ m   3. ficken

Italian:  scopare

But, it doesn’t end there. The gem is in the ‘related phrases’ section below:

Italian: Fuck off! – vaffanculo!

French: fuck that! – j’en ai rien à foutre!

German (looking forward to it): fuck you! a) du Scheißkerl!,  get fucked! –  b) leck mich am Arsch!

Korean: fuck him –  씨발 놈  fuck that! – 놈의 것!

Spanish: fuck him! – ¡que se joda!

A Look Into Search Engine Marketing

20 06 2007

from Scoble Show

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/06/PID_011664/Podtech_PointIt.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/3375/a-look-into-search-engine-marketing&totalTime=1212000&breadcrumb=05d05a9579664c7e9f91cfe0b3f4f0de]

George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing (1hr 14 mins)

10 06 2007

He grabs you from the very first second and never lets go. Carlin’s the Coltrane of comedy.

Watch this and more George Carlin specials on FUNNY