Frank Miller’s 305…Not!

2 07 2007

U.S Dept. of Lost and Found

29 06 2007

from The Onion

Harry Potter’s Fate

28 06 2007

Rest easy, this is just The Onion, and the video is rated R. I don’t usually put disclaimers but kids might surf their way in here. You finish your homework, kid? No? Hi five!

How To Reduce Traffic

27 06 2007

from The Onion.

David Pogue’s iPhone Mini-Movie/Review

27 06 2007

Found this via Mark H of Vod:Pod.

Thespian Judge To Get His Own Show

20 06 2007

Why am I not surprised…it’s the Cialis pimp, CBS, that’s developing a show for the attention whore judge. I’m sorry if I offend judges (I’d never do that to you, Judge Reinhold) but this guy is a cartoon. He’s resigned from the Florida circuit’s family court reasoning that he – get ready – plans to help “fellow citizens through roles in the educational system, the media and non-profit organizations.”

Let’s mock him a little more, shall we, via Fred Armisen.

p.s. I kid CBS when I call it Cialis pimp. Some of my favorite shows have never been on that network.

The Clintons Spoof Sopranos Video

20 06 2007

Watch this ‘spoof’ first that Australia’s Daily Telegraph calls ‘stylish’. As comic book guy from The Simpsons would’ve said, “I laugh at you, Daily Telegraph from Australia.”

Now on to serious matters:

A fucking Celine Dion song for her campaign!!! Doesn’t she want to win? Ay dios mio. No hope. And who’s the Norman Lear behind this spoof idea and why did people around that person think it would be funny?