Paris Hilton: The Marketing Gurudinaire

28 06 2007

Apparently, finding God can have its perks. The Learning Annex seems to think she’s a ‘…businessman…’ and a “…brilliant entrepeneur…”. The show will  also feature, as speakers, the masturbating bear and Mr. CBlog.


I Love the Idea of…

25 06 2007

musicians taking control of their merchandising as well. Why isn’t there a site like Nimbit for filmmakers? Maybe there is one I don’t know of?

Traveler’s Footprint: Or Why Can’t Amazing Race Do It?

25 06 2007

Perhaps travel bloggers are already doing this? I thought this is a great way to leave your digital ‘footprint’ on the map.

So, I’m thinking, why doesn’t Amazing Race do a special series where participants do a real-time race all over the globe? Guess what, it’d be a great way to place the iPhone in their hands. I know having a phone makes things easier but the rules could be more strict. What a better way to promote Google and Apple together – in case this rumor comes true.

Career Leaping With Blogs

25 06 2007

A good post from Brazen Careerist on why blogging is a great networking tool.

A Look Into Search Engine Marketing

20 06 2007

from Scoble Show

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Pigs With Cellphones: The Condom Ad or the CBS and FOX People Who Rejected It?

18 06 2007

NY Times article on how a condom commercial was banned from appearing on FOX and CBS. Their explanation is in English but to me sounds like a lot of ‘grunt grunt…oink oink.’ Cialis pimp CBS talks about being appropriate! Just found my knee-slapper.

Marketing Bloggers

15 06 2007

Diva Marketing (Blog) recommends these Marketing bloggers as well as some resources and tips on Marketing.