David Pogue’s iPhone Mini-Movie/Review

27 06 2007

Found this via Mark H of Vod:Pod.


Scobleizer on Adobe CS3

14 05 2007

I link to a lot of photo and video editing software stuff. Can’t think of a perfect follow-up to the Scobleizer post than Scoble’s own series on Adobe CS3.

Stage 6: Filmmaker/Video Producer’s Playground with A Serious Player

3 05 2007

First, make sure you read my post on DivX player and encoder.

Now, on to some serious stuff. Just kidding. Let’s keep this fun. Have you been to Stage6 yet? Basically, Stage6 is a video sharing site not unlike other video sharing sites. However…a big however…Stage6 has some great features that will make your channel(s) look awesome! Stage6 is an extension of the DivX community. Without yapping on let me just list some advantages of being on Stage6:

  • Upload videos upto 2GB in size. (I know…fucking awesome!)
  • Unlimited number of video uploads.
  • Encode and upload videos with a simple drag and drop function. There’s a desktop uploader as well. Currently all Stage6 uploads require a DivX format or a DivX encoded .avi file.
  • Toolbar available for your Firefox browser.
  • Watch video full-screen. I was amazed at the quality of some of the full-screen content. There’s a cool little slider that lets you dim the background of your desktop so that only the video screen hovers.

Just some of the things you can do that is a bit different than other sites. There’s also blogging, sharing, favorites on Stage6, but that’s nothing new. All well and good, but why would it be a filmmaker’s delight? Well, two especially. (1) file size you are allowed to upload for free. (2) Combine that with what you can do with DivX Pro and DivX Advanced authoring features as well as the ability to watch clear full-screen videos on your TV, and you will see why this site is far better than using other sites – to some degree.

I’d love it even more if Stage6 allowed content owners to sell their ad spaces with AdSense. If you haven’t been noticing Google Advertising allows advertisers to create flash or video banner ads (upto 2 mins) with their AdWords program. That’s a whole different post I’ll talk about later. So, either Google AdSense could work or if DivX lets you sell your own space to advertisers directly. There are platforms that give you complete control over your content and how you distribute them – and I mean beyond Brightcove, Revver, or Veoh – but they cater to major media companies or major-minor ones. Right now, AdSense is active on Stage6, but I’m not sure if the author of the channels integrated it or Stage6 makes the money. I don’t have a channel yet because my Karma level is not high enough; your participation at Stage6 increases your Karma level. Check out Bert Monroy’s Pixel Perfect channel to get an idea.

In summary, DivX is just another venue to try out if your content deserves great quality web life. I’m sure someone somewhere is creating a site, if (s)he hasn’t already as I write this, that will sweep every other platform out of its way, but Stage6 has one big element on their behalf, DivX. You know DivX will come up with more amazing features for their player and encoder. Stage6, right off the bat, is way better than some of the other sites and I’m pretty sure they have some major updates on the way.

Don’t feel like scrolling up? Click here to visit STAGE6.

That’s my take on Stage6. I’m not married to it. If I like another platform better, I’ll share.

from Ken Stone – Creating WMV from Final Cut Pro and Snowball

2 04 2007

Two more articles from the great KenStone.net

Creating WMV from Final Cut Pro.

Review of Snowball Professional USB Microphone. Podcasters will especially find this one very useful.

Can’t link to them, but also check out two new videos on Ken’s site, ‘Compressor Tutorial: Quicktime Components’ and ‘Final Cut Pro: Saving Favorites.’

Who Is David Pogue?

10 09 2006

A lot of you probably know of David Pogue of The New York Times. He has appeared on television as a tech reviewer as well. I like him because he is funny. He doesn’t try to be one, he just is. His posts are funny, and his tech reviews don’t hit you over the head with techno jargon. Plus, his video reviews are…how shall I put it…very funny! Am I being clear that the guy’s funny? As a starter, check out his video review as he cooks up The BlackBerry Surprise with him playing ‘The Full Clothed Chef.’