Celtx: Writing and Pre-Production Freedom

1 06 2007

Don’t spend zillions on scriptwriting software anymore. Download Celtx (pronounced Keltix) for free and do a lot more than write scripts.




23 05 2007

First they call him a robot, and then he invents the internet. Seriously, though, the man is making great use of his gadgets.

Zoho Going Public

22 05 2007

Wired’s Compiler blog reports the online Office Suite’s going public today.

Keyboard Shortcuts for FCP 5 and Adobe CS2 Applications. But Wait…

21 05 2007

…there’s more!

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – CS2, Quark XPress 7, and FCP 5 @ Noble Desktop

Avid Xpress Pro @ Missouri School of Journalism.

Flash 8 @ My Flash Resource.

Feel free to share other keyboard shortcuts.

Download YouTube Videos For Your iPod

20 05 2007

YouTube streams videos in Flash and iPod doesn’t play Flash. What’s a boy to do? PC Magazine’s Jan Ozer suggests these options.

Back Up Your DVDs

20 05 2007

The guys at DL.TV show you how to back up DVDs in this video.

Google Calendar v 30 Boxes

20 05 2007

WWD decides on a winner after putting them in the ring.