Cartoon Effect with Final Cut Pro

2 07 2007

via Ken Stone.


MPEG2 with Apple’s Compressor

11 06 2007

Event DV tutorial on how to get the most out of Apple’s Compressor.

Here’s Lookinng At You, Final Cut Pro 6

8 06 2007

from KenStone

1. Setting up a project in Finacl Cut Pro 6 by Andrew Balis

2.  Final Cut Pro 6: A First Look by Steve Martin

Photoshop: Hollywood Effect

20 05 2007

Designer Kevin Yeoh’s tutorial on how to give your regular photo a Hollywood effect.

Download YouTube Videos For Your iPod

20 05 2007

YouTube streams videos in Flash and iPod doesn’t play Flash. What’s a boy to do? PC Magazine’s Jan Ozer suggests these options.

Back Up Your DVDs

20 05 2007

The guys at DL.TV show you how to back up DVDs in this video.

BTL Needs New Knees

19 05 2007

BTL’s new post talks about having bad knees. Of course her post is lot more than that and yo just gonna hafta visit the blog.