A Year Later

29 08 2006

Exactly a year later I mail it out, stamped with thousands of hours of my time, patience and nights staying awake working with it. Sometimes I’d stay away from it for weeks, afraid of it, but then I’d be longing to find it an audience, for others to see it taking its first steps and breathing its first adult air. I see it stand own its own now and feel proud as a papa…might feel. I’m not a papa yet, but you don’t need to be one to feel proud. Kinda weird, I must admit, to do this exactly a year later. It was unplanned. Maybe it’s predicting something, who knows. Katrina happened the same exact day too. The very same day.

Last week watched ‘When The Levees Broke.’ Spike Lee has made a doc masterpiece. And Blanchard’s music…did what the images and words could not.

Back to ‘it.’ Let’s see what happens to it in a month or two. That’s all I’m willing to share…hoping ‘it’ finds what it’s looking for. 😉


Editorial Board at PRX

14 04 2006

Early February, 2006. A box arrives in the mail. I open it to find, to my surprise, a shiny statuette, better known as THE KARATE GUY. The label said Public Radio Exchange, PRX; I have been a producer/member with this fabulous organization since March, 2005. I read the accompanying letter to find out I’m the recipient of the 2005 Zeitfunk Awards for being the ‘Most Active Reviewer of 2005.’ Check out the pic of the Karate Guy’s attempt to drop kick me.

Following day, however, came the real surprise. I am offered the Editorial Board position as a reviewer. My! Growing up, if I’d ever imagined one day I’d be offered a reviewer position, anywhere, I’d have hired an exorcist. I was honored, flattered, elated, delighted, and all sorts of feelings anyone over 12 would be ashamed to admit. It’s like being a kid in King Arthur’s court…or things of that nature.

Therefore, folks, I am now an Editorial Board Member at PRX. I have officially completed my first set of reviews as PRX EB for the March-April month. Some great radio pieces, folks. You ought to check them out sometime.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone at PRX for the warm welcome. They have been generous with their time answering my questions from the time I joined PRX last year, never making me feel like just a number on their member stats. I am honored to be amongst a highly talented and experienced group of EB members/producers.


12 03 2006

A few weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to speak with Screenwriting students at NYU, courtesy of Jenny Levison. I’d met some cool people there and I’d like to introduce one of the cool, Wendy Sax. For those of you keeping tabs on the Indie film industry, she is the former Artistic Director of IFP Market as well as an accomplished producer.

Recently, Wendy has launched Moving Stories, Inc., a film and script services company in NYC. Wendy is extremely knowledgable when it comes to films and the industry and her advice and expertise will, no doubt, help all those who seek it. It was a pleasure meeting her, and I wish her all the best, because she deserves it. She is generous, patient, and supportive of filmmakers and films with potential; her track record proves it.

Check out her website by clicking on the title of this post, or clicking on the link at the sidebar.

Here’s more about Wendy, taken from her website.


As the former Artistic Director for the IFP Market, Wendy was responsible for choosing screenplays and fiction films and the supervision of non-fiction films for the 2003, 2004 and 2005 IFP Markets. Films presented during this time included Born Into Brothels (which won the 2004 Documentary Academy Award), Mad Hot Ballroom (distributed theatrically by Paramount Classics in 2005) and the screenplays Off The Black (chosen for the 2006 Sundance Film Festival), Bonneville (currently in production with Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Joan Allen), plus many others. In addition, Wendy oversaw the juried screenplay and film competitions for the prestigious IFP Filmmaker Awards.

Prior to IFP, Wendy was vice president of Production and Development at ErgoArts, Inc., a New York independent-film company, where she co-produced the Sundance award winner Songcatcher, distributed by Lion’s Gate and starring Janet McTeer and Aidan Quinn. While there she oversaw the development and production of several features and documentaries, with primary responsibilities including evaluating all projects and working with producers, writers, and directors to propel ideas to their next stage of development and/or production. Prior to ErgoArts, she worked in creative development for Barbara DeFina and Martin Scorsese, transitioning to production for The Age of Innocence, Casino and Kundun—all directed by Scorsese. She began in the film business as an assistant to an agent at ICM, moving into development as an executive for Christopher Reeve, Jane Alexander, Rob Cohen and John Badham at Warner Brothers, Viacom and Universal Pictures respectively.

During her 15 years of experience working with writers and filmmakers, she has been responsible for production and programming as well as creative decisions. This gives her a unique advantage in evaluating material and providing guidance.

Newer Flashforward and The Best Confession

17 02 2006

I know I am beating these two plays to death, but can’t help share these ‘new’ versions.

Well, these are what I like to call Radio Movies.

‘The Best Confession’ maybe a litte more fun to look at the screen during listening because it demonstrates my skillful title editing. (Yawn)

Happy lis-watching!!

Flashforward (3:31 min)

The Best Confession (3:35 min)

Untitled Blog Entry

15 02 2006

Free Association blog entry:

Start time: 11:01 am. April 18th.
I have just erased a previous blog entry from this spot because I didn’t like what was in here…let’s just say it was a clip from a movie or something of that sort. Now, as I type I am thinking of things to replace it with. So far, this is the best I’ve come up with. So much for free associating. I think I may be terrible at it. The last line I just wrote may be good. But this last one seems bad. Anyway, what will follow may be a little better than all the ones I’ve written before this…let’s see what I come up with…wait…wait…hold on…I think I have something good here…I see an image…what kind of image? How does one write an image. A picture would be nice…a drawing or a stick figure to explain the fantastic image I’ve conjured up in my head now…let me see…wait a second… where’s my stick figure drawing mechanical pencil that I keep near the computer monitore…(search)…(search more)…damn…should I be timing myself…okay lemme scroll up and put a starting time at the top…there…
but should I have done that? What am I trying to prove here…that I’m a fast free association-er? But I AM! Hold on…I ws searching for my pencil…hey missed the ‘a’ on the word ‘was’…should I go back and put an ‘a’ or should I just move on…what has that word done to me…don’t I like the word ‘was’? Is it the past tense that bothers me or the past? Too much thinking over a single word ‘was’…headache…Tylenol…or Advil…do I even have either? Oh yes…I don’t like to take medication…what is that about? I don’t have a good reason why I don’t like taking medication…so where did that come from? That’s another blog subject. Blog…Blog…Blog…what a funny word…make a good horror movie title ‘The Blog”…the blog that writes itself…the ‘truth blog’…what the hell is a truth blog? I don’t know what I;m talking about…ahhhh…a semi-colon instead of an apostrophe…go back…go back…no…stay focused…stay focused…I know I have to stay focused but what was I talking about…you were talking about the truth blog…the what…wait..who are you??? Me! I am your other blogger voice…I have two blog voices…wait a second…is this written version of talking to yourself? …why not? t doesn’t matter…you do most of the writing anyway. I just speak your mind….he heh …thhat’s a good line…I just speak your mind…can I use that…f&*%k you, that’s my line…hold on here…I don’t allow swearing…

Okay, sorry…apologize to your readers…wait a second…this is ridiculous…I can’t be writing as two people…it’s insane…….pause…….pause…..but I don’t feel ridiculous…come to think of it…isn’t that how people write dialogue anyway…multiple voices in conversation, or if they’re stuck…cheat with a monologue or soliloquy?

I’m tired of this. I thought this free association thing would be fun…instead it’s tiresome in a…weirdly fun sort of way…huh?

End time: 11:14 am April 18th.

Trailer for PRETTY

10 02 2006

New Trailer Coming Soon. Stay Tuned…at A440.

Born On The 28th of February? And A List of Famous People Who Are

30 12 2005

So, were you born on this date? Do you know of anyone who was? With nothing better to do, I’d recently created a group where all members would have the same birthday.

Do all Feb 28-ers think alike? Who are they, how are they, where are they, and why are they? Is there a pattern? Is there really a connection between all who share the same Zodiac sign, being this precise?

I guess we’ll find out some day. But first, it’d be great to know where everyone is. How many of ‘us’ are out there, do you think? I gues I am interested in finding a pattern, if there is one.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if a whole lot of us who have the same birthday meet at one place for our birthday? Maybe we can do that and get in the Guiness Book of World Records.

One giant birthday card. One giant candle. One monstrous cake. A birthday party so big we’d have to rent a small town! Oh, the dreams we have.

So wanna know who else (famous, not so famous) shares our birthday?

Here is a random list

Linus Pauling (scientist) 1901–Two time Nobel Prize Winner. Considered one of the greatest Chemists of the 20th Century.

Brian Jones (musician) 1940 — of the ginormous Rolling Stones

John Turturro (actor) 1957

Bernadette Peters (actor) 1948

Mercedes Ruehl (actor) 1948

Mike Figgis (filmmaker) 1948

Mario Andretti (speed racer) 1940

Milton Caniff (cartoonist) 1907 — creator of newspaper comics ‘Terry and The Pirates (1934 and ‘Steve Canyon (1947). [The term ‘Dragon Lady’ comes from a character of his in ‘Pirates’.]

Dorothy Stratten (model/actor) 1960

Ali Larter (actor) 1976 [my exact birthday match–moderator]

Smarty Jones (thoroughbred) 2001 — this horse was all over the news. As well it should be.

Michel de Montaigne (French Philosopher) 1533

Berthold Auerbach (novelist) 1812

Ernest Renan was (French Philosopher) 1823

Ben Hecht (Novelist, Auhtor, Playwright) 1893

Vincente Minnelli (filmmaker) 1903

Tom Aldredge (actor) 1928 [most recently in COLD MOUNTAIN]

Tommy Tune (actor) 1939

Alice May Brock (author, restaurateur) 1941

Gilbert Gottfried (comedian) 1955

Rae Dawn Chong (actor/director) 1962

Rory Cochrane (actor) 1972 [most recently ‘Hart’s War]

Tangi Miller (actor) 1974 [Felicity]

Daniel Handler (author) 1970 — Lemony Snicket series

Robert Sean Leonard (actor) 1969

Sarah Bolger (actor) 1991 — [played Christy in ‘In America’]

David Esparza (sound editor) 1978 [recent works, The Pink Panther, The Ringer, Shopgirl]’

Guy Maddin (filmmaker) 1956 [recent film Saddest Music in the World w/I. Rossellini]

Jennifer Kapoor (actor/desinger) 1934 [married Indian star Shashi Kapoor]

Frank Gehry (Architect) 1929====Charles Durning (actor) 1928

Saul Zaentz (producer) 1921 [The English Patient, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest]

Zero Mostel (actor) 1915 [The Producers, The Front]

Don McGuire (screenwriter) 1919 [Tootsie]

Bugsy Siegel (businessman?) 1906






I’m sure these lists don’t even scratch the surface, but it’s a great start.