Copyright 2.0

6 07 2007

Smashing Magazine did a great post explaining copyright issues.


Over 70 Podcasting Tools…

4 07 2007

…and resources listed on Mashable.

If you’re new to Podcasting and need a reference book, the best one I’ve found is Mitch Ratcliffe and Steve Mack’s Podcasting Bible.

Cartoon Effect with Final Cut Pro

2 07 2007

via Ken Stone.

Career Leaping With Blogs

25 06 2007

A good post from Brazen Careerist on why blogging is a great networking tool.

How You Should Relieve Stress

21 06 2007

By trying Brian’s new-found cure, of course.

Sweet Web Office Suite

20 06 2007

Read/Write Web does a nice little comparison of Web Office Suites and picks the winner.

Marketing Bloggers

15 06 2007

Diva Marketing (Blog) recommends these Marketing bloggers as well as some resources and tips on Marketing.