Copyright 2.0

6 07 2007

Smashing Magazine did a great post explaining copyright issues.


Facebook Now Zoho-fied

3 07 2007

The office suite app makes a lot of sense to be on Facebook. via Compiler.

Grammar Girl On…

26 06 2007

Between you and Me.

I Should Be Ashamed of Myself

23 06 2007

My blog isn’t a big deal…yet. I’m still building up. So what in the world possessed me to make people register before they leave a comment. How big of a dumbass does one have to be to not have noticed that all this time? Apparently, big enough to be me.

Some of you have been kind enough to point out the error of my ways and asked me to allow comments from people who don’t feel like registering. Thank you for pointing it out; I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Oh so stupid one (I) can be. I’m sure a lot of you thought of me as a condescending prick, which I am somewhat. Want to know what’s even funnier (in a sad sort of way)? I couldn’t find out where to turn off the option on the blog. Ay ay.

Sorry, folks, I didn’t know. Apologize. Here I was worried why people won’t leave a comment while I was the one fucking up.

Please, please come back and tell me how I should be ashamed of myself. It will make me feel better.

Dave Winer on Blogging, Podcasting & Today’s Technology

18 06 2007

Read this article by Dave Winer. Found it via Doc Searls.

Marketing Bloggers

15 06 2007

Diva Marketing (Blog) recommends these Marketing bloggers as well as some resources and tips on Marketing.

Sopranos Finale: “Don’t Stop Believin'” Almost Never Happened.

13 06 2007

Apparently, David Chase got permission to use the Journey song 3 days before the finale aired. Steve Perry knows how to keep a secret; Even his family didn’t know the fate of ‘the family.’

Umm…speaking of family. Can’t resist sharing this little musical number. Don’t skip watching this. Trust me.

Update: (June 18, 2007) NY Times piece on the song’s resurgence.