10 08 2007

You’ve probably come here by clicking an older URL.

Come over to WWW.EMONOME.COM for brand-spankin’ new posts.



7 07 2007

Wracked my fucking brains out but I am officially at

If you’re linking to me or have me on your blogroll, please change it to www.emonome.comĀ 

Thank you!

Yay….It’s Now 07:07:07:07:07

7 07 2007

You know what I mean.

Copyright 2.0

6 07 2007

Smashing Magazine did a great post explaining copyright issues.

Happy 50th!

6 07 2007

Being a geek here. This day happens to be the 50th anniversary of when Paul met John.

MyBlogLog and Feed Snap

5 07 2007

You’ll notice two new additions on my sidebar. MyBlogLog tells me who has been visiting me so I can go pay you a visit. You can join my community or add me as contact.

I’d started a regular post called Feed Snap, the idea of which was to share feeds from my Google Reader. Perhaps Google recognizes lazy ones like me and created a Shared that is easily accessible and would have its own feed. Kinda cool. If you’d like to subscribe to that feed, you are most welcome. Otherwise, clicking on the Feed Snap sidebar will take you to all the feeds I’m regularly sharing.

Facebook Now Zoho-fied

3 07 2007

The office suite app makes a lot of sense to be on Facebook. via Compiler.