Mocking Music Video Directors

4 07 2007

Very funny! Not much of an exaggeration, though. A lot of music video and commercial directors are well known for being dicks. You don’t have to believe me. Read stories on the BTL blog.

I wonder which director they’re mocking here.


Eagle Fly Free

4 07 2007

Written at least 20 years ago, was this song a bit ahead of its time? Listen to the song and check out the lyrics too.

Happy Sun. Happy City.

2 07 2007

The view from the NJ of NYC was scandalously gorgeous this morning. The light fell just the right way over the skyscrapers, the river, the trees…mm mm mm. The deeper than usual blue sky didn’t help things at all. Wish it was a weekend.

This song came to mind.

U.S Dept. of Lost and Found

29 06 2007

from The Onion

Harry Potter’s Fate

28 06 2007

Rest easy, this is just The Onion, and the video is rated R. I don’t usually put disclaimers but kids might surf their way in here. You finish your homework, kid? No? Hi five!

How To Reduce Traffic

27 06 2007

from The Onion.

David Pogue’s iPhone Mini-Movie/Review

27 06 2007

Found this via Mark H of Vod:Pod.