I’ve been with Public Radio Exchange since 2005 and on their Editorial Board as a reviewer for the past year. Good or not so good, I’ve reviewed over 200 programs for them and cannot be more proud to be a member. PRX is a radio and audio archive/exchange organization with an excellent model of distribution. If you’re a producer, you get to archive your produced shows and Program Directors from around the world can audition and license your pieces. If you’re part of a station and need programs that suit your style, content, and events there’s no other place better than PRX to search, audition and license programs. And finally, if you’re a listener and love radio, great radio, and excellent radio you’re just a few clicks away from enjoying thousands of hours of high quality radio for free! The review board and the folks running PRX are all industry veterans and geniuses of audio (don’t worry – I wasn’t talking about me) programming and production so you’re in good hands.

If you’d like to read what I’ve reviewed over the years and, in turn, listen to some great radio click here and visit my page on PRX.


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